Tidy Locker


What is Tidy Locker?


Tidy Locker is a natural spinoff of Portland Cleaners. Portland Cleaners has been providing exceptional dry cleaning and laundry service for decades. We're delighted to say that we now offer dry cleaning service through our 24/7 Tidy Locker kiosks. This means customers can now drop off and pick-up their laundry 365/24/7.
Our promise is to always put our customer first and make certain your experience is exceptional.
Call (503) 239-4100 to arrange a pick-up and set up your account.
Lockers — Laundry in Portland, OR

How Tidy Locker Works

Select any available Tidy Locker.
Place your dry cleaning, or laundry in any available locker.
Follow instruction inside door to secure your Tidy Locker contents
Note your locker number and enter it during registration.
Register or contact us at 503-239-4100
Register once and your information will be saved for future use.
Enter your locker number during registration.
A text message will be sent to you when your clothes are ready.
Enter your 4 digit code to access your clean, fresh clothes.
A free reusable laundry bag will be returned with your clean laundry for future use.
Please pick up your fresh laundry within 24 hours of receiving your text so we can make Tidy Locker available to other customers.