Pick Up & Delivery in Downtown Portland

We want to help our customers eliminate those last minute trips to the cleaners. Have us come to your office or home and remove one more to-do off your busy schedule.
Portland Cleaners will be available for pick-up and delivery Monday - Friday. Your clothes will be returned clean and ready to wear within two business days. Send us a message at service@pdxcleaners.com for pick-up on the next delivery day in your area.

The simple process of convenience

  1. Each customer is provided with a personalized laundry bag to transport their garments, which will be provided at the time of the first pick-up.
  2. Get set up here , to arrange a pick-up and set up your account.
  3. Tell us where to pick up your bag.
  4. Place your garments in a personalized bag and let us do the rest.
  5. We will pick up your bag and return your clothes to you, professionally cleaned and ready to wear on our next delivery date.
  6. Billing is simple – instructions will be included with your returned order.
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